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Mobis Award

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Paularte was awarded the Mobis prize! The furniture magazine News attributed to Paularte Mobis prize in the architecture category.
The award was created in 1999 with the aim to recognize the best brands and the best Portuguese entrepreneurs in the furniture industry, design, and interior decoration. The award was presented at the XII Mobis Award Gala held at the Estoril Casino.

Paularte store in Paris

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Paularte has partnered with the DCR INTERIEURS, which opened a Paularte furniture store in Paris. Since the beginning of November that the parts produced at the factory of Braga began trading on the block of the best brands in the world furniture. The store is located in Grenelle Street, on the 7th arrondissement – a luxury shopping district in the French capital.

Bracara line

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Bracara is the name of the new collection of furniture that Paularte with the architect João Pedro Pereira, developed in the last year and now being marketed.
The Bracara line brings together a collection of contemporary designer furniture, produced with knowledge, the carpenter techniques, and existing modern machines in the factory in Braga.
The base with its fittings and finger-jointed is similar on all mobile giving an identity and unity to all the collection pieces. It is the timber binding expression by hand joiner that still exists in Paularte. The use of parts with colored lacquered adds modernity and diversity to the world of Bracara. Dressers, shelves, chair, bed, they are some of the pieces of the new line of Paularte.

Raio Palace

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The Raio Palace in the center of Braga, one of the most important works of Baroque architecture in Portugal. The eighteenth-century building, the architect André Soares Braga, has been recovered to host the Interpretation Centre of the Memories of Mercy of Braga. The Paularte produced all the furniture. One of the rewarding jobs 2015.

O Desporto na Paularte

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Nos anos 70, na cidade de Braga, as empresas mais importantes da região participavam no torneiro de futebol de salão Patronato de Nossa Senhora da Torre. A Paularte competiu durante vários anos, com uma equipa formada por trabalhadores da empresa, sendo vencedora do torneio em 1975.